Over the years, customer needs change and evolve. It is only natural that, with them, the qualitative demands also naturally change.

Fonderia Morini has directly experienced the way in which, over the years, customers have become increasingly demanding in terms of quality and quality controls. Therefore, to continue to provide its high standards, the company has chosen to invest in cutting-edge equipment, becoming self-sufficient in internal controls. These include, among others, dimensional checks, non-destructive checks and surface checks.

Another important investment that Fonderia Morini has made in order to offer even more value to its customers is represented by a casting simulation software.

Assofond (the Italian Foundry Association, of which Fonderia Morini is a member) has published on its website a short guide on the use of the tools offered by the association on the subject of raw materials and production input. In addition to presenting the tools, the guide suggests a methodological approach to understand them and apply them in practice, so as to support member foundries in their activities and in the interaction with their customers.

The guide can be downloaded free of charge from the attachments to this article and from the official Assofond website.

What is the purpose of the Assofond guide?

The aim of the guide offered by Assofond is to provide member foundries with a map of the tools made available by the association itself to document the evolution of the main production inputs used to make a casting. Furthermore, the guide suggests a possible methodological approach to understand and apply these inputs.

The guide states that the proposed system intends to "determine a measure, as objective as possible, of the value of the casting over time, such as to configure constant profitability in real economic terms, assuming constant physical volumes and the real value of the invested capital."

The method proposed by Assofond is, in the final analysis, a starting point on which foundries and their customers can make an effective comparison.

We are responding to the contingencies linked to the pandemic, difficulties in the supply of raw materials and increased energy costs with the seriousness, soundness and investments in technology that have characterized us for many years. A note from Fonderia Morini states: "We want to reassure our customers and suppliers about our operational and procurement capabilities: the current global situation and the supply chain are certainly causing issues. We have dealt with them thanks to our famous and acknowledged reliability".

At an objectively difficult time, most of our Italian and foreign competitors have chosen to steer their production towards low cost and low added value. A strategy that Fonderia Morini considers short-lived and destined to have negative results in the short and medium term. The Ravenna-based foundry, on the other hand, has chosen to invest in itself, confirming its entire production asset and effectively containing costs while guaranteeing continuity in the supply chain.

Fonderia Morini can boast excellent plant and departments, which the foundry uses to provide a variety of services. One of the most complete thereof is the pattern department, whose head is Antonio Fantasia.

A company is much more than a name or a business: it’s the group of people which make it up. No matter what the company’s structure, name or size are, there is no doubt on the importance of its employees. They are the actual backbone of every company, which no business could exist without.