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F as FOUNDRY but also as Family, Force and Flexibility.

Founded in 1959 by Augusto Morini, Fonderia Morini is a family-run business that has become a leader in the national and international market and is carried on as a corporate structure by a father and his sons as a guarantee of a company projected into the future.

Today, Fonderia Morini is a major company in the foundry sector at European level. It is specialized in the production of aluminium and aluminium alloy casts with sand casting technology, and is supported by the strategic chill-casting division "Fonderia Morini Divisione Conchiglia srl".

The group has now evolved from a family business made up of a few men, to an industrial structure with a workforce of more than 150 people.

The company is led by Luca and Enrico Morini, sons of the founder Augusto Morini.


To pursue the constant development and upgrading of the production plants, all by investing our own financial resources.

The constant evolution of each department and the dynamism of the investments allow increasing the production potential and achieving ever better castings at increasingly competitive costs. Timely deliveries are also guaranteed thanks to the extraordinary flexibility of our plants.

The company is committed to growing gradually and consistently over the years, continuing to invest in a sustainable way and evolving together with its Customers .


Care and respect for environmental issues are among the values pursued by Fonderia Morini.

This is demonstrated by the constant investments in machinery and equipment such as filters, treatment units, etc.

In the future, the company plans to strengthen its green approach by investing in renewable energy.

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