Testing Laboratory

The Testing Laboratory is one of the excellencies of Fonderia Morini. It covers an area of over 400 square metres and is equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for a correct monitoring of the production cycle, from processing to finishing, ensuring full compliance with the customer's requirements.

Special equipment:


  • radioscopy system for a complete view of the casting being analyzed, having the following characteristics:
    • dimensions: 1200x1200x1500
    • capable of inspecting pieces up to 150 kg
    • placed in a laboratory reserved exclusively for it
    • equipped with a bridge crane for handling large castings
    • connection to the IT network for real time delivery of images to the client
    • a spectrograph for the chemical analysis of the alloys upon supply receipt and before entering into production
    • microscopes for metallographic cecks
    • machine for performing mechanical tests
    • a three-dimensional measuring machine
    • a morphological arm for the dimensional and three-dimensional check of the pieces with a 1800 mm working radius.

modelleria 03 modelleria 04

The laboratory is also equipped with all the instrumentation needed to check the sands used throughout the production cycle. Cutting-edge technology combined with the expertise of our qualified operators who control and supervise the entire production cycle, ensure that each product is in line with the standards of the most demanding customers.

modelleria 03 modelleria 04