After the hard economical crisis of 2008/2009, Fonderia Morini reinforces its leader role in the world of foundry, by gaining new customers in Italy and worldwide that choose the company Fonderia Morini as partner for the future, a high value company founded in 1959 that can guarantee continuity in the supply and in quality level.

Fonderia Morini is specialized in the production of castings in aluminum alloys, moulding in green and chemical sand and, through the partnership with other companies, it can supply also casting iron parts, precision mechanical machining, thanks to working centers up to 5 axis, cnc turning machines, heating treatment, and trhough the controlled company Tech Mod, design and construction of moulds.

The production of aluminum sand castings is realized on different moulding lines, traditional and authomatic plants, as well as on a manual casting line where big size special parts can be produced, heating treatment facilities, quality department for control with sophisticated equipment and up to date facilities. In addition to that, we can build moulds for foundry through cnc machines for milling and turning through CAD CAM devices.

Through the associated Fonderia Morini Divisione Conchiglia, we are also able to supply gravity die casted parts.


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