Pattern Making

Manufacturing a variety of products requires a variety of models, called working patterns. Fonderia Morini Pattern Department is able to create any kind of patterns: from wood to resin and aluminium, up to patterns to be mounted on plates dimensionally compliant with the different moulding box sizes.

A pattern is required to give shape to the final product, and is used as a base to create the cavity inside the mould in which the molten metal is poured.

Our Pattern Department takes into account all the elements that are necessary for the creation of a perfectly functional pattern:

  • suitable dimensions to accomodate stock allowance and metal shrinkage in the solidification phase;
  • slightly inclined walls along the direction of extraction, so as to form a camber and prevent the model from being damaged when removed from the mould;
  • adequate disassembly structure, avoiding undercuts;
  • calculation of the core prints,
  • use of connections between the parts, in order to avoid sudden changes in thickness or direction.

Visit the Pattern Department page for more information on the pattern making services offered by Fonderia Morini.