Special Moulds

A "foundry within the foundry" has been created to satisfy the need to make separate castings with special shapes, weights and measurements, without the dimensional limits of the moulding boxes, using moulds for aluminium die-casting. Because of the special characteristics of the casts, weighing even more than 800 kg, the moulding boxes are made using self-hardening resins, which facilitate the mixture of the casting sand in aluminium-sand. Besides, to comply with the current environmental regulations, the sand is entirely recycled and used again in the production process.

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The special moulds department is located in a separate, large and bright building, to ensure optimization of operations on the various production cycles, before and after the casting operations.

The department has different types of furnaces and shaping equipments, for maximum flexibility and quality, to ensure a high quality process at competitive costs.


formature speciali 05 formature speciali 06