Pattern Design

Each model, or working pattern, is unique and intrinsically linked to the characteristics of the product and the mould for which it will be used. For this reason, Fonderia Morini follows the customer in every phase of its making.

Before proceeding with the foundry operations, it is necessary to design and build the pattern: the reproduction of the final product, used to create the cavity of the mould in which the metal or alloy will subsequently be cast. The first step in this process is the design of the pattern.

To design a model we start with the customer's specifications, including:

  • weight of the final product
  • materials it will consist of
  • intended use of the product
  • quantity of pieces to be manufactured

Once we have collected these data, we create the digital drawings of the mould using technical design software.

The drawings take into account both the specifications provided by the customer or the possible presence of cores, and the changes that the materials may undergo during processing, such as the stock allowance and metal shrinkage during solidification.

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