Divisione Conchiglia - Chill Casting Division

Fonderia Morini Divisione Conchiglia srl was founded in 1973 as a satellite company of Fonderia Morini srl. It was then acquired in its entirety by Fonderia Morini and converted into a division specialized in the production of castings in aluminium alloys with chill-casting technology.

Strong investments in terms of acquisition of furnaces, automation and plant engineering have raised the level of competitiveness and quality of production.

Located 500 meters from Fonderia Morini, Divisione Conchiglia is also located in a strategic area in terms of road connections, near the Lugo-Cotignola A14 motorway exit.

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The modular structure plant spreads over an area of 7000 square meters (1800 sheltered).

Fonderia Morini Divisione Conchiglia is able to meet a wide range of requests, thanks to its systems allowing for the production of small and medium-sized casts, from 0 to 15 kg, with all types of aluminium alloys, primary and secondary, available on the European market.

The union of the two plants under the same corporate structure allows Divisione Conchiglia to operate in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 regulations (certification obtained by the Divisione Sabbia, the first company to achieve it in Italy back in 1996).


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