For years, Fonderia Morini has collaborated with Politecnico di Milano to train new foundry technicians. This year, once again, the results were not long in coming.

Romagna Finishing SRL, part of Fonderia Morini Group since 2019, was mentioned in the Italian online newspaper RavennaToday. All credit goes to the supplementary agreement which the company signed with the trade unions Fiom CGIL and Uilm Uil, as well as with the Unitary Trade Union Representations.

With increasingly resilient, aware and inclusive supply and value chains is how forward-looking companies will face the complex international geopolitical context. Fonderia Morini’s investments since 2018 have moved exactly in this direction.


The Cotignola-based foundry received a special mention in "Il resto del carlino", a local newspaper from Emilia Romagna.

Starting from Fonderia Morini's origins to the present day, the newspaper then reported some brief comments from brothers Luca and Enrico Morini, CEO and majority shareholder of Fonderia Morini Group, respectively.

In the foundry sector, starting from the beginning is often the ideal solution. The possibility to oversee every single phase of the production, from pattern design to casting simulations, ensures absolute control over the entire line, thus guaranteeing optimal results.

While being the ideal option, starting from scratch is not always the cheapest in terms of time and resources. For this reason, Fonderia Morini's Pattern Department does not only make patterns of all kinds (including wood, resin and aluminium patterns), but also offers its customers the opportunity to give new life to previous patterns.