Foundry Pattern Recovery to save time and resources

Foundry Pattern Recovery to save time and resources

In the foundry sector, starting from the beginning is often the ideal solution. The possibility to oversee every single phase of the production, from pattern design to casting simulations, ensures absolute control over the entire line, thus guaranteeing optimal results.

While being the ideal option, starting from scratch is not always the cheapest in terms of time and resources. For this reason, Fonderia Morini's Pattern Department does not only make patterns of all kinds (including wood, resin and aluminium patterns), but also offers its customers the opportunity to give new life to previous patterns.

Reducing costs and production times by using existing models

Fonderia Morini's internal Pattern Department has developed the necessary skills to use the patterns supplied by its customers. Generally, the customer already has patterns available when they decide to change supplier. The reasons behind this choice are different: the supplier in question is in a difficult economic situation, no longer satisfies the quality requirements requested by the customer, and so on.

Whatever the reason that led customers to contact Fonderia Morini, they will surely be able to reuse the patterns provided by their previous suppliers. In fact, Fonderia Morini has been restoring and optimizing casting equipment from other companies in the sector for many years. This allows a significant reduction in production costs compared to the creation process for new models.

For further information on the Pattern Recovery service, visit the dedicated page.