A Foundry within the foundry has been created to satisfy the need to make separate casfings with special shapes, weights and measurements, without the dimensional limits of moulding boxes. Because of the special charcteristics of the castings, weighing even more than 800 Kg, the moulding boxes are made using self-hardening resins which aid the amalgamation of the environmentale protection regulations in force, this is completely recycled and used again in the production process.

The special moulding department has recently been separeted from the other departments, and is now located in a new spacious and luminous building, allowing for considerable improvement in the way wich the various production cycles, before and after casting, are carried out.

Equipped with: 1600 Kg/h capacity gas-fired melting furnace and 600 Kg/h capacity gas-fired melting/holding furnace and two 600 Kg/h capacity electric holding furnaces.



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