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Stagnation is regression. This not only applies to personal development, but in particular also to the success of any company. Only those businesses who keep up with the times and know the exact needs of their customers will hold their place in the market in the long run. One such business that is successfully doing just that is FONDERIA MORINI SRL. Founded in 1959 in Cotignola, Italy, this company is one of the country's most successful foundries.

Dorothea Schulz
Dorothea Schulz,
Sales Director (IT and International)
and Assistant to the Management

“I think one of our big advantages is that we offer a very broad product portfolio and we are exceptionally multi-faceted. This is attractive to our clients, because it means they only have to deal with one supplier and thus also get better prices,” says Dr Dorothea Schulz. She has been Sales Director in the areas of IT and abroad as well as Assistant to the Managing Director of FONDERIA MORINI for two years.
Today the company is headed by brothers Luca and Enrico Morini, sons of the founder Augusto Morini. The focus of the business in on the production of different parts in the aluminium casting process. “We work for a wide range of industries, from defence to medical, to the textile and packaging industries. Our clients include major corporations such as Siemens and ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Throughout its history, the company has grown alongside its clients,” recounts Dorothea Schulz.

Above all, the willingness of management to invest contributed to the growth and success of the business. “Management keeps investing in technological improvements and in new machines, and they also do this in consideration of sustainability. It remains our desire to constantly improve our quality in every respect in order to meet the needs of our clients, now as well as in the future” says the Managing Director's assistant, who likewise sets high standards for her own work.

"I attach great importance to service and direct contact with clients. It is my aspiration to provide the client with the maximum service. In my function, I am the first point of contact for clients and I want them to know that I endeavour to solve every problem they bring to me.”


article on Wirtschaftsforum 2 It is the company’s declared claim to develop qualitatively in every way, so that it will always meet the needs of its clients



International development is also a focus point for this TÜV-certified business. “Fonderia Morini has been operating internationally for more than 30 years,” emphasizes Dorothea Schulz. “Internationalization was built up slowly. Today our export quota is 30% – and rising. Germany, Switzerland and Austria are our strongest markets, but France, North America, China, Bulgaria and Romania also play a role.”

But is it not only its technology that the company is constantly developing. “We also invest a great deal in our employees, whose knowledge always has to be up to date for working with our clients. In addition, we have just invested in a new software system for the entire company and in a big new warehouse.”

Another advantage, Dorothea Schulz says, is that the company is exclusively family-owned. “Because of this, we are extremely independent and flexible, and we have a lot of equity. To this day, our founder is still the good soul of the company”.

The individuality of manufactured parts is also a priority at FONDERIA MORINI. “We attach great importance to the high quality of our products, competitive prices and close relationship with our customers. Today we are the top player in our industry in Italy, and sooner or later we also want to be one of the international leaders,” says the Sales Director. Apart from aluminium casting, model making is one of the services offered by FONDERIA MORINI SRL.

“Not many other foundries offer this area of services. It thus represents a very important aspect and a competitive advantage for us,” says Dorothea Schulz. The company has not needed to work at acquiring clients for a long time now. “We get a great deal of business from word of mouth. If someone wants something from us, they come to us.”

Uno sguardo all'interno della FONDERIA MORINI
A look at the foundry of FONDERIA MORINI SRL
Una recente acquisizione: la nuova sabbiatrice.
The company recently invested in a new sandblasting machine.

She finds the appeal of her work above all in its diversity: “In our company, there is no routine, because all our products are entirely personalised. Every day and every minute bring new situations and challenges, new drawings, new blanks, new quantities, new prices and so on. Management gives me a free hand in my area to the greatest possible extent, and that is highly motivating. Although my focus is on sales, I work with all the departments and my colleagues in the company. This is a great advantage, because it makes it possible for me to become familiar with the entire supply chain and represent the company 100% toward the outside world.


Healthy growth

The management and their assistant have clear ideas for the future. “We want the company to continue its growth as before: healthy and step by step. We will continue to invest wisely and grow together with our customers. We are in the fortunate position that we have a very innovative management team that is prepared to keep investing and thereby generating steady growth.”


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