The laboratory is one of Fonderia Morini's strongest points. It occupies a covered surface area of over 400 square metres and is equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for correct supervision of the production cycle during the processing phase and of the finished products, ensuring full compliance with the customer's requirements. It is equipped with:

  • a modern radioscopy system for a complete view of the examined casting, dimensions: 1200x1200x1500, capable of inspecting pieces of 150 Kg max. weight placed in a laboratory reserved exclusively for it equipped with a bridge crane for handling large castings, connection to the computerised network for sending images to the client for analysis of the casting in real time.
  • a spectrograph that analyses the metal samples and highlights their chemical characteristics;
  • microscoaes for metallographic cecks;
  • machine for performing mechanical tests;
  • a three-dimensional measuring machine;
  • a morfological arm for the dimensional and three-dimensional check of the pieces with a radius of action od 1,800 mm.


The laboratory also had everything needed for checking the sands used throughtout the production cycle. The hi-tech state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of the qualified operators who control and supervise the entire production cycle, guarantee products in step with the increasingly higher standards required by costumers.




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